The Journey of Bailey Butterfly

Activity book with the S-O-S exercises for Emotional First Aid and stressregulation for children

by Kati Bohnet

For children of kindergarten and primary school age, I have embedded the S-O-S exercises in the story of the butterfly Jonah in a child-friendly way. In this way, teachers, adoptive/foster parents and other caregivers can already work with young children, both in groups and individually. For example, the S-O-S exercises can be used to regulate stress in the morning circle, before meals, for nap time, before classwork and lectures, at bedtime or when upset, thus supporting the nervous system to reach a state where calmness, rest, concentration, mindfulness and social contact skills are possible.

„The Butterfly’s Journey“ is available free of charge as a video as well as a self-published book illustrated by myself, including accompanying educational material.

The book is available in German, English and soon also in Turkish.

Video and educational material to accompany the read-aloud and hands-on book

The Journey of Bailey Butterfly — stressregulation for children


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The Journey of Bailey Butterfly is ideal for use in daycare centers, elementary schools and at home

Kati Bohnet is a Gestalt and trauma therapist (Somatic Experiencing – SE), HP Psych, author and graduate mathematician / computer scientist. She works with children, adolescents and adults in her practice in Berlin. She is founder and director of helpers circle, where she shares with her team the knowledge of how the nervous system works to adults who live and work with children through online and on-site events, groups, podcast (growing with trauma – accompanying children somatically). In order to be able to accompany a traumatized child in the (un)depths, it is inevitable to deal with one’s own (un)depths as well.

Kati Bohnet

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